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 The precious memories of your wedding day, a family photo shoot or any other special event of your life should not have to come with a high price tag.      

wedding photographyWedding Day at Tall CedarsIt was a happy time and a fun day for all of us. Our fee schedule is designed so that we may customize an affordable professional photography service just  for you. This will be based entirely on your needs, desires and budget without compromising either our services for you or the quality of the photos that you will receive. 

After determining your needs we will provide you with a written estimate detailing all services selected by you.

As an example and a place to start a conversation, we offer the following options:

* Senior Portrait Photography Services ....... Starting at $150.00

* Beach Portrait Photography Services ........ Starting at $150.00

* Birthday Party Photography Services ....... Starting at $150.00

* Special Event Photography Services .......... Starting at $150.00

Wedding Photography Services:

  * Engagement Photo Shoot ..... Starting at $150.00

  * Wedding Ceremony Only ..... $300.00

  * Rehearsal .............................. $75.00

  * Brides Preparation ............... $150.00

  * Photos of Family and Bridal Party .... $150.00

  * Photos of Reception ........................... $150.00

  * Wedding Breakfast and Send Off ...... $150.00

  * Add for a 2nd Photographer ............. $200.00

  * All Photos Put On A Flash Drive .... $50.00

 All photos will be available on line in a password protected gallery where you can download them to your computer or device. All these photos will be edited and ready to print. (Please note that due to the ratio of photos taken by a digital camera, depending on the size of the photo that you desire, some photos may have to be resized.)

You may print them out yourself or have us print them out for you. We will provide you with a coupon code for 50% off if you decide to order any prints on line. At that time all photos that require resizing will be done so with no additional charge. 

A Note From The Photographer:

We are a husband and wife team about to celebrate our 55th wedding anniversary and are in a position to extend to you a very affordable photography service. It is our way of "paying it forward". If you are just starting out and don't have a large budget, we would consider it an honor to work with you. 

One of the major things that separate us from other professional photographers is that we edit all photos before putting them on line. Most photographers will put proofs on line and require you to buy the "Digital Rights" before they edit them for you. We do not require you to do so as that is part of our initial pricing. The only additional pricing to you from us is if you have us print them out for you.


Prints are also available matted and framed and or on canvas, acrylic and metal, ready to hang, in addition to duvet covers, tote bags, phone covers, throw pillows, mouse pads, coasters, greeting cards and photo books.

When you hire us, we will work with you so that you can design your own "package" to best fit your budget and your expectations. Please be assured that as your plans may change, you may adjust your needs of us accordingly. Should that be the case, we will put those changes in writing for you to accept. You will never have any "hidden fees" with us. 

We look forward to meeting with you,

Pat & Bob Sample

Additional Notes:

Our initial consultation with you is free. This is where we interview each other. Should we feel that you may be better served by another, we will have a recommendation for you.

Any venue location permit fees required are not included in above pricing. We would be glad to assist you in in this area. 

We accept Visa ~ MasterCard ~ Discover ~ American Express 

Ask us about Military Discounts. We would be honored to extend them to you.

All prints printed out by us for you include editing fees.

A very happy couple on their wedding day.