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Sharon Gross(non-registered)
In seeing your photos through the years, these did not disappoint me at all. A smile was on my face through the slide show and you know me - I loved loved the animals esp the horse however, the pink house was amazing !! I am so proud to have one of your photos hanging in my office at this very moment. Thank you for sharing your God given talent with everyone !!!!
Loren Foster(non-registered)
Every photo and every video is absolutlely breath taking. They capture beauty and make one appreciate life and all that it has to offer. Our lives become so busy and full of chaos. We forget to stop and appreciate life and the beauty it brings. These photos do just that. Thank you
Brandy Tyma(non-registered)
I had the pleasure of providing your service while y'all dined with us at Uncle Bubba's during your trip to Savannah, Ga. I looked at your photographs and you have a beautiful collection of photos. I will continue to explore and visit your sites. Thank you for capturing and sharing this wonderful world we live in!
Jocelyn Pruneau(non-registered)
these pictures explain so much about my grandparents. i love them. each and every picture has a meaning behind it and each and every picture was taken with eye to see and show the beauty in every spot. i hope that these meanings show themselves to each and every person that looks through them. i hope that this means just as much to all of you as it does to me.!<3
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